Concept Paper (english version)

Concept Paper

Forschungswerkstatt Schule und LehrerInnenbildung

(Research center for matters of school and teacher education)

The `Forschungswerkstatt` (research work shop) is intended to guide and coordinate research work, in the field of school and teacher education.
The concept of team research, practiced at the University of Oldenburg has been derived and developed from action research and teacher research, which has it´s origins in England.
Research teams, consisting of students and teachers, work at schools in the area to examine questions which are relevant.
The research workshop supports teachers and students to reflect and also improve there own work. It is a place to exchange experiences and opinions.

Tasks of the research work shop:

1. Support and advice.
Students are being advised in all questions of planning, research and evaluation of a research question. Also included is advice for students with their own examination papers.
2. Adaption and further development.
The research work shop tries to translate scientific methods into understandable routes, for the inexperienced researcher, also enabling an easier start for the newcomer.
3. Communication.
The work shop is also a meeting place, where students and teachers can meet to talk about research and discuss their own experiences with their research reports.
4. Documentation and evaluation.
Research results from work groups and individuals, are made available for other by the work shop, further more evaluated to receive results, about how research can be supported and expanded in schools.

Offers of the research center:

Supply with materials:
These can also be the supply and publishing of former research reports.

Teachers will be enabled to develop their own research projects, and to exchange experiences with previous workshops, under competent guidance from team leaders.

Further education:
It is possible through the various workshops, that members of the research teams can work punctually, in areas required and with direct teaching practice. Showing school and teaching researchers the best possible methods, further more improving information for planning and preparation.

The importance of research consists of the following aspects:

1. School.
Teachers experience an improvement in their own ability to teach, and to solve problems. This is a contribution to the vocation of professional teaching, helping immediately and in the future. The work shop also works closely with other institutions.

2. University.
The work shop uses the concept of learning by research, students are encouraged to make their own experiences through searching. The qualification `study as job`, as also the job experience for the future, are given further advancement.

All in all the function of the work shop is mediation, a dialogue between university and school, teacher and student, professor and teacher. This should be established and intensivied, to enable questions from students, scientists and schools to be discussed.

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