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O-Week / Information for Freshies

Information for Freshies

Welcome first semesters! The first week on the university will be the orientation week (O-week). You can find the program and additional information here on our Webside under Events.

Please remind that the program is currently in progress, so please look at our side regularly.

If you have questions, the category Information and FAQ is worth a visit. Or ask us from the students council, during the O-week we are available for questions every day from 9 am to 18 pm in the o-week office (W2 1-143). In the O-week 2020 the O-week office will take place online in BigBlueButton. Here is the link:

Link TBA

For pressing questions, you can also call the help-phone:

+49 177 9184298

Maths pre-course

In the winter semester 2020/21, there will be no pre-course for maths for the students of the physics department. This is because of current Covid-19 situation, in which such an event, where the freshies get to know each other, cannot take place in presence. Therefore, it is even more important to take part in the events of the orientation-week (O-week) of the student council of physics.

As an alternative to the pre-course, there is an online maths course (OMB+). Disclaimer: This side is in German! This course is recommended by the department of physics, so every student has (nearly) the same knowledge of maths before the start of the semester.

In the department of maths, there will be a maths pre-course this year. Please note that this course will be held in German as well!

Mentoring Program

The mentoring programme is a program for which you can register as a freshman in order to have better first steps into university and to get to know new people. You can find further information here:

Mentoring Programme

Orientation week

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are just concepting an O-week with events, which conform with the safety measurements of the university. As soon as the plan is finished, we will publish it here.

The orientation-week (O-week) is your first week at university. There is also an international orientation-week one week before that. There will be no regular lectures or seminars, but lots of events, which will show you, how to orient yourself in the university. We also help you with your schedule for your courses or we show you, how to use the campusmangement-system Stud.IP. You can also get to know other students in the first semester. There are central events from the university and there are events from us, the student council of physics. Please have a look at "Program o-week" for the newest schedule of these events!

Here our current time schedule:

Campusmanagementsystem Stud.IP

StudIP is the study management center of Oldenburg University; you have gotten your account information (format abcd1234) with your starting documents. On the website you can access your inbox and organize your timetable. Additionally, the system manages exam registration, grade assignment, registration to group workrooms and more.

If you need more information, you watch our Stud.IP introduction video, which also includes some explanation on how to create your timetable:

Stud.IP introduction video

Link to Stud.IP:
Campusmanagement center Stud.IP

Online-Konferenzen in BigBlueButton

For video-conferences in university it is recommened to use the program BigBlueButton (BBB). Here will be held most of your lectures and tutorials. BigBlueButton is very easy to use. For participating at online meetings with BigBlueButton you do not need to download anything. The system just works fine with your Internet browser. The IT-Service department advises to use the newest versions of Chrome or Firefox for it. For iPads you can use Safari.

An explanation to this program you can find here:

BigBlueButton explanation

You also can use the software for video conferences with other students. Therfore you need to creat a study group in Stud.IP or log in into https://studconf.uol.de and create a new BBB-room. Our o-week office and many other events during the o-week will also take place in BBB.

Here are further information on BBB (in German):

IT-Dienste: Video-Konferenz und kollaboratives Arbeiten




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