Tizian Weichgrebe


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Tel.: 0441 798-3647

Email: tizian.weichgrebe@uol.de

Tizian Weichgrebe

MSc Biol. Tizian Weichgrebe


Zotz G, Bautista AP, Kohlstruck J & Weichgrebe T. 2020. Life forms in aroids - natural variability vs. terminological confusion. Aroideana, 43: 315-333.

Hoeber V, Weichgrebe T & Zotz G. 2019. Accidental epiphytism in the Harz Mountains, Central Europe. Journal of Vegetation Science, 4: 765-775.

Zotz G, Weichgrebe T, Happatz H & Einzmann HJR. 2016. Measuring the terminal velocity of tiny diaspores. Seed Science Research 26: 222-230.


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