Home address (office):

Department of Physics
Sharif University of Technology
P. O. Box 11365-9161, Tehran 11365, Iran

Current address (office):

Carl von Ossietzky University
Institute of Physics, D-26111
Oldenburg, Germany
e-mail: mohaqlmmed.r.rahimi.tapo+fba3br@uol.dewck+k

Prof. Dr. M. Reza Rahimi Tabar


Nationality: Iranian

Research interests

My main interest is in the area of statistical mechanics, stochastic processes and field theory.

Current reserach activities

Today we are working on the problems of statistical theory of the strong coupling limit of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ)equation, the disordered Ising models, Phase transition in 2d self-gravitation system, and Intermitteny issue in surface growth and self-gravitating system. We have proved recently that in the strong coupling limit the d+1 dimensional KPZ equation develops singularities in the finite-time and determine the critical time scale in terms of characteristics of forcing term. More recently we are investigating the stochastic nature of CMB, heart-Beats and seismic activity. 


  1. 1992-1995, Ph.D. (My thesis was based on "Statistical and Conformal Field Theory Approaches to Turbulence"), Sharif University of Technology, Iran.
  2. 1990-1992, M.Sc., Sharif University of Technology, Iran.
  3. 1986-1990, B.Sc., Tabriz University, Iran.

Professional Experience

  1. Since 2007, Full Professor, Sharif University of Technology.
  2. Since 2003, Associate Member of ICTP.
  3. Since 2002, Associated Professor, Sharif University of Technology.
  4. Since 1999, Joint Researcher, CNRS (France-Nice).
  5. 1998 – 2001, Director of the Complex System Group, Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM).
  6. 1995 – 2002, Associated Professor, Department of Physics Iran University of Science and Technology Narmak, Tehran.
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