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Dr. Oliver Finnegan

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His work covers the global history of Britain and Ireland during the early modern period. He is particularly interested in oceanic approaches to history that allow for the exploration of the religious, political, legal, commercial and intellectual changes that anglophone societies underwent and facilitated as a consequence of their growing interactions with the world beyond Europe.

To date, he has explored these themes through the study of piracy in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. His doctorate, completed at the University of Cambridge in August 2019, was on 'Pirates in the Age of Projects, 1688-1707,' which retold the history of piracy in the anglophone world of the late seventeenth century, casting reputed pirates as both go-betweens in oceanic systems and as a focal point of global discourses around migration, political economy, religiosity and law. A book proposal based upon this dissertation is currently under review.

His further interests include the histories of early modern missionary work, seafarers and settler colonialism. He is particularly keen to hear from anyone working with the criminal jurisdiction records of the English High Court of Admiralty, which, beyond providing an insight into maritime crime, are a significant resource for the study of life at sea.

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