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PD Dr. Christian Feld

(Universität Duisburg-Essen)

Datum: 06.11.2018
Zeit: ab 16 Uhr
Raum: W04 1-162

"River salinisation in Central Europe – hysteria or an overlooked threat to ecological status?"

There is evidence of increasing salinity of streams and rivers in arid and semi-arid regions around the world. Salinisation has severe adverse impacts on riverine biota at individual, population and community level and puts ecological functioning of river ecosystems at risk. Even worse, river salinisation puts agriculture at risk where riverine water is used for irrigation. In temperate regions around the world, such as Central Europe, river salinisation is not yet recognized a severe threat to ecological status. Yet there is evidence from recent studies that implies severe ecosystem implications already at comparatively low salinity, for example, at chloride concentrations way below the 200 mg/l threshold as defined in the German surface waters regulation (Oberflächengewässerverordnung). The presentation will address potential implications for riverine plants and animals at low salinity and will discuss potential management options.

Jutta Bandorf (Stand: 18.10.2018)