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International Entrepreneurship Summer School 2022

International Entrepreneurship Summer School 2022

Health, Energy & Digitalization (HED)

Have you ever thought about working in the field of health, energy or digitalization?

Do you want to be the person who moves this sector forward or at least makes it a little better?

Join us for the International Entrepreneurship Summer School (IESS) 2022 and develop an innovative business model in just one week – even without pre-existing idea or experience.

During the IESS you will learn how to

  • explore and evaluate your market opportunities,
  • take a customer’s perspective,
  • develop a business model,
  • pitch your idea to customers and investors.

Branch experts and entrepreneurs will be at your side to accompany you along the way.

Key facts:

When?  22.-26.08.2022, 10:00-17:00h
Where?  University Oldenburg, A01 0-008 (Uhlhornsweg 84, 26129 Oldenburg)
Who?    people with curiosity and passion for the HED sector who love to try something new
Costs?  none

Do you want to join us? Registration is open until 31. July 2022.

This Summer School is hosted in the course of the EXIST project “The Startup University of Oldenburg – Engine of a Cross-Border Startup Region” in cooperation with our partners from the Hanzehogeschool Groningen, the Jade University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg / Elsfleth / Wilhelmshaven, the OFFIS e.V. and the Business Development Department of the City of Oldenburg.
Learn more about EXIST.

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