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2.5 S21

jeweils 9-17 h

Trainer: Frank Fischer
Course fee:
60 €
Ort/Venue: online
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Frank Fischer is certified Senior Project Manager (IPMA) and certified Project Management Trainer. He is working as a consultant and Trainer in Project Management for employees of small and big companies, higher education institutions and other public corporations since 2003. His focal points of interest are „(Strategic) Project Management“, „Leadership without formal authority“, „Facilitation in Projects“, „Time Management & organization of work“. Furthermore he is working as a coach for individuals and teams and as host for organizational constellations.

2.5 Project management

Basics of Project Management

How to initiate, plan and run research projects

Projects in general can be considered as extraordinary, temporary ventures which in many cases require interdisciplinary or cross-institutional teamwork. The importance of a systematic approach to project work is growing in the environment of research too. The meaningful connection of research content and research management is the basis for delivering good results in time while considering the available resources.


As a participant of the training you will learn how to:

  • give your research project a useful setting and to manage the project goal oriented.
  • evaluate the restrictions and general conditions well and use them wisely
  • reduce the complexity of the project by a structured plan
  • analyze and coordinate the interests of the involved and interested parties
  • recognize certain deviations during the project’s process and react appropriately


  • Projects, project work, project management
  • Project management map (principals, methods, tools)
  • Initiating processes in a project
  • Planning processes in a project
  • Monitoring and Controlling processes in a project (basics)

Target group: Doctoral candidates and postdocs

(Stand: 30.04.2021)