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2.13 S21


09.00 - 16.00

Trainer: Dr. Annekatrin Gall
Course fee:
Ort/Venue: online
Anmeldefrist/ Registration deadline: 27.05.2021

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Dr. Annekatrin Gall is a freelance consultant, trainer and coach. She accompanies people and organizations in development processes in the field of communication, personality and cooperation. Her clients are companies, universities, schools and other educational institutions as well as the public administration.



2.13 Time and Self Management

You have been working independently on your thesis for several months or years – my respect! In terms of self-organization, you are facing a great challenge.

In this workshop I will invite you to combine basic tools of time management with personality-specific strategies. You will look at possible personal bottlenecks in time and self-management from a new perspective - and you will find out that you are by no means alone with your topics! On this basis, you will develop realistic solutions for the future.

Your Benefits

  • Knowing useful tools of time management and checking out their suitability for yourself
  • Improving the interplay of effectiveness and efficiency in planning and implementing your project
  • More efficient use of your personal resources
  • Knowing personal failure patterns and dealing with them constructively
  • Diplomatic handling of external requirements
  • Motivating yourself sustainably
  • Improving the communication within the research team - achieving goals more efficiently together


  • Interactive Learning
  • Moderation Method
  • SIZE Success Personality and Communication Model

Target groups: All doctoral candidates and PostDocs

(Stand: 30.04.2021)