2.10 S20

12.06.2020, 9:30-12:30

plus individual coaching session of 90 min

Trainerin: Dr. Anna Maria Beck
Course fee:
30 €
Ort/Venue: virtual workshop via BigBlueButton
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I am Anna Maria Beck and I was a PhD student myself not too long ago. Today, I help PhD students creating a life that feels true to themselves and that they enjoy. Having had to cope with self-doubt and a severe writer’s block during my PhD, I know exactly what it feels like to be in the middle of a crisis and not see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.

Thanks to the coping mechanisms I developed and the mindset and tools I discovered through my training as a systemic coach, I now offer PhD students the help I would have loved to receive when I was in crisis. I believe in self-compassion as a gateway to change and that all we sometimes need is a bit of time, quiet and support in a safe space in order to reconnect to our inner strength.

Do you procrastinate? Do you have trouble with your supervisor? Do you struggle with writing? Congratulations! Everything is normal with you and your PhD. Crises and conflicts during the PhD are usually not the exception, but the rule. They are signs that you are well on your way to finding your own way – to carving out a place for you (and your research) in the world.

In this workshop, crises and conflicts during the PhD are regarded as a) normal and b) invitations for personal and professional growth. Its aims are…

  • …to enable you to better understand the challenges brought about by different crises
  • …to give you the opportunity to find solutions to existing challenges and
  • …to help you develop a skill set and emergency plan for difficult situations in the future.

The following crises and conflicts will be covered:

  • Material crisis, relevance crisis, writing crisis
  • Conflicts with supervisors, partners, family, friends
  • The conflict arising from the “PhD student’s paradox” of having to carry out independent research while depending on a supervisor.

After the workshop, you will…

  • …be prepared for the most common crises almost all PhD students face at some point.
  • able to treat yourself with kindness when a crisis or conflict arises.
  • …know methods which will help you through upcoming challenges with your PhD.
  • …have a support-network of other PhD students.

Due to the current general "crisis" this workshop is offered in a virtual format consisting of a group session of three hours (see details on the left) and an individual coaching session with the trainer of 90 minutes.

This workshop is fully booked and the online registration therefore no longer possible, unfortunately.

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