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Deutscher Studienpreis 2019

Die Körber Stiftung vergibt den Deutschen Studienpreis 2019 für exzellente Dissertationen von besonderer gesellschaftlicher Bedeutung. Weitere Informationen zur Ausschreibung gibt es hier.


Scientific Writing and Publishing Workshop


... with Prof. Geoffrey Manley.

Workshop agenda:

Day 1: Scientific publishing today

  • Where to publish Choosing a journal
  • Instructions for authors Choosing authors and “who does what and when?”
  • Coordinating authors
  • Submitting your manuscript – including letter to the editor.
  • Choosing possible reviewers
  • Responding to reviews
  • Making your work known; copyright!

Day 2: The structure of your paper

  • the title of a paper
  • writing an effective abstract,
  • the introduction – what is important?
  • the materials and methods – what and how much?
  • the results – systematic and clear; use of figures
  • the discussion – place your data in context
  • the conclusions
  • Pitfalls: plagiarism and its consequences; citing and quoting, passive voice, British or American English. Common errors

Day 3. Practice Session

Language:           English
Credit points:    1,5
Lecturer:             Prof. Geoffrey Manley, STELS-OL
Registration:      via StudIP (for students from the University of Bremen “shibboleth login”)

Modules: olt165, olt264, olt332, olt464, olt561, olt662, olt762


18. Februar 2019, 09:00 – Enddatum: 20. Februar 2019, 17:00


Graduate School OLTECH



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