Referat Forschung und Transfer

Dr. Susanne Elpers
Konzeptionelle Nachwuchsförderung Schwerpunkt Postdocs und Gleichstellung

Dr. Julia Anna Matz
Konzeptionelle Nachwuchsförderung Schwerpunkt Promovierende und Internationales


Navigating the Maze of Research Funding. Spotlight seminar.


Do you seek sources of funding for your independent research, for fellowships, your own position, international networking or other scholarly activities?

This seminar will give you insights into the great variety of funding opportunities (regional, national, international) and provide you with details on a number of selected programmes that are specifically attractive to you as early career researchers.

By completing this seminar you will have acquired an overview of the diverse German research funding system and be able to strategically use the opportunities it offers to you on your career path.

Target group

All early career academics at doctorate and post-doctorate levels are welcome to attend.
The seminar will be held in English.

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20. November 2019, 10:00

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