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Stay relevant. Stay ahead! Mastering your Social Media Presence

This seminar enables the students to understand the relevant social media business and career platforms LinkedIn, XING & Twitter. The participants learn how to present themselves professionally online, how to grow their network effectively and gain a feeling for their digital visibility and personal brand. After this seminar, the students know how to create coherent digital profiles on LinkedIn, XING and Twitter. They are prepared for their professional future.

• Introduction to the business platforms LinkedIn, XING and Twitter
• Mastering your personal branding: How do I present myself professionally and stand out amongst the crowd?
• Everything you need to write your profile slogan that reflects your personality, talents and accomplishments
• How to handle pictures, content and creative storytelling
• How to create engaging content
• Social media etiquette: digital manners
• How to build and grow your network
• Feedbacks on existing LinkedIn, XING and Twitter profiles
• Clarify individual questions

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23.06.2022 09:00 – 24.06.2022 17:00

(Stand: 20.04.2022)