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OLTECH – Career paths in Science, Medicine and Technology 06.12.2022

“Career paths in Science, Medicine and Technology” offers you the chance to meet OLTECH alumni and other role models, to hear from their experiences, and to interact with them. You will learn about a variety of career paths and get insights into different areas of work, in particular jobs outside of academia. Our guest speakers will talk about their current position, the moves that got them there, the relevance of skills acquired during their doctoral studies and will be ready for your questions.
The event series is a joined initiative of all the doctoral study programmes of OLTECH and all doctoral students are welcome! more information

Our guest is:

Speaker: Florian Carius

Environmental education: Florian Carius is Head of Department for Communications and Research of the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park Authority based in Wilhelmshaven. Furthermore, he is affiliated to the Bremen City University of Applied Sciences as Adjunct Lecturer for Protected Area Tourism. His academic background extends to the fields of tourism, sustainability and development.”  https://www.nationalpark-wattenmeer.de/

organized by OLTECH

contact: oltech@uol.de

06.12.2022 16:00 – 18:00

(Stand: 24.11.2022)