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Dr. Susanne Elpers
Konzeptionelle Nachwuchsförderung Schwerpunkt Postdocs und Gleichstellung

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Dr. Wiebke Greeff
Konzeptionelle Nachwuchsförderung Schwerpunkt Promovierende und Internationales

Dr. Julia Anna Matz 
Konzeptionelle Nachwuchsförderung Schwerpunkt Promovierende und Internationales

Susanne Bartel


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Peer Coaching Programme 3 "Making a Career after the Postdoc" - "Leadership Competence & Supervising Doctoral Researchers"

To master all demands required of a postdoc or a group leader while keeping time for creative research  projects it is important to manage yourself and lead your research group in an appropriate way. The workshop presents fundamental knowledge and efficient methods for effective management. While the presented management approach is generally applicable, the focus of the seminar is on environments in science and research.

Contents in brief:

The workshop covers knowledge on leadership in a scientific surrounding and acquaints the participants with different leadership tools.

  • Leading and management in a scientific surrounding
  • General management tasks and tools
  • Management by objectives (MBO)
  • Delegate and control tasks
  • Motivation, conditions for a motivational surrounding
  • Communication, difficult conversations
  • Common conflicts arising during supervision of PhD, Master, and Bachelor students
  • Exchange of good practice among the participants
  • Peer consulting

The seminar enables the participants to organise their own research projects using successfully practiced management tools. All theoretical models are applied to the academic environment in Germany. The exchange of good practice methods is supported.  

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16.11.2023 09:00 – 17.11.2023 16:00

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