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Dr. Susanne Elpers
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Dr. Julia Anna Matz 
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Peer Coaching Programme 3 "Making a Career after the Postdoc" - Team Supervision Day

The team supervision day offers international doctoral researchers and international postdocs the opportunity of reflection and counselling in a group of peers with similar roles and questions. You are welcome to contribute with concrete topics and/or cases, in order to generate new ideas or different approaches to helpful solutions. New possibilities for action are developed through analysis, reflection and feedback and there will also be moments of learning and surprising findings when experiencing other supervision cases. With its unique diversity, peer supervision offers a space to explore mutual competences - everyone benefits from, and participates with each other.

This supervision day serves to give impulses for new perspectives and behaviors and to expand communication and action competences.

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25.03.2024 09:00 – 17:00

(Stand: 11.09.2023)  |