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Susanne Bartel

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Time and Self Management

You have been working independently on your thesis for several months or years – my respect! In terms of self-organization, you are facing a great challenge.

In this workshop I will invite you to combine basic tools of time management with personality-specific strategies. You will look at possible personal bottlenecks in time and self-management from a new perspective - and you will find out that you are by no means alone with your topics! On this basis, you will develop realistic solutions for the future.

Your Benefits

  • Knowing useful tools of time management and checking out their suitability for yourself
  • Improving the interplay of effectiveness and efficiency in planning and implementing your project
  • More efficient use of your personal resources
  • Knowing personal failure patterns and dealing with them constructively
  • Diplomatic handling of external requirements
  • Motivating yourself sustainably
  • Improving the communication within the research team - achieving goals more efficiently together


  • Interactive Learning
  • Moderation Method
  • SIZE Success Personality and Communication Model

Target groups: All doctoral candidates and PostDocs

Course website and registration: https://uol.de/p40267en

03.06.2021 09:00 – 04.06.2021 16:00

(Stand: 09.06.2021)