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Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)


Where can I find the protocol form for thesis committee meeting? Click here for form. How much project/small equipment funding is available for each IBR working group/per candidate? A total of 1,133 € is available for equipment funds over the 3 year period. Thus, only 377 € can be requested per year. To access this funding, please forward project-related receipts of purchased items to the IBR coordinator at the end of each year. You will then be compensated up to the maximum amount of 377 € per annum.  How much conference funding is available for each IBR candidate?  Over the course of your stipend you are able to excess approximately 2500 € for conference funding. You are generally free to chose how to spend your funds, e.g. which national/international conferences, workshops or summer schools you would like to attend. However, please be aware that it may be beneficial to save funding for an international conference to present the results of your PhD towards the end of your programme.  To access this funding, please send a travel application form (Antrag auf Genehmigung einer Dienstreise) to the IBR coordinator before you commence your journey. Immediately after your journey, please send a completed travel invoice form (see uol.de/dezernat2/service/) and the corresponding travel receipts to the IBR coordinator to receive compensation.  Can I earn money from non-scientific employment during the course of my stipend? Yes, however any income from non-scientific employment will be subtracted from your annual stipend. You can earn money from scientific employment without affecting your stipend (up to 6000 € per annum). 
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