Power Cluster


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Corinna Hößle

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Power Cluster

Clustering the offshore wind energy sector – Approval of transnational project within INTERREG IV B North Sea Region Programme

Based on the outcomes and experiences made in the former European Regional Development Fund’s Interreg project called “POWER”, the partnership will foster the well integrated network that has been established throughout the North Sea Region during the last years.

By connecting different sectors and different levels of public authorities POWER CLUSTER will concentrate its activities on the main challenges of the offshore wind energy deployment. Activities concerning Social Acceptance, Business Cooperation and Skills Development (in schools and at universities) will move towards an offshore wind energy cluster. The participating partners are aiming to communicate comprehensively the benefits, opportunities and challenges of this young renewable energy technology to the public and relevant stakeholders.

Workpackage 3: Skills

Raising the awareness of offshore wind energy careers among teachers and students

Climate change is accepted as one of the most signi¬ficant and challenging threats to the planet. In order to fulfil the increasing world wide energy needs and to avoid further negative impacts to the climate, rene¬wable energy will play an important role in the 21st century. Especially Offshore Wind Energy (OWE) has a high relevance for the North Sea Regions (NSR) with respect to their economic development, the sup¬ply of energy, and the preservation of nature. Given the growing importance of this topic, students have to be motivated taking an active role in ecological decision making as reflective and responsible indivi¬duals. It is important to raise their interest for re¬newable energies and to inspire them for a profession of responsible engineers, technicians and mechanics in the field of Offshore Wind Energy.


The project POWER cluster seeks to promote skills, enhance awareness and understanding and facilita¬te public debate on Offshore Wind Energy. POWER cluster is an active European multidisciplinary network of experts in Offshore Wind Energy and edu¬cation drawn from 17 partners in 6 European countries. Within the scope of one sub-project of POWER cluster (Workpackage 3 - 5.6) learning environments and teaching material for schools will be developed in an research-based way. Therefor the perspectives of science teachers and experts from the OWE industry are investigated and analysed empirically. On the basis of a comparison of both perspectives guidelines for teaching and learning as well as concrete learning environments on wind energy and OWE will be designed. The learning environments should incorporate science teachers’ perspectives as well as the perspectives of OWE experts’ and thus provide a fruitful basis for increasing the scientific knowledge of students and stimulating their awareness of wind energy/ offshore wind energy as an ecological, societal, industrial and economical relevant topic.

The whole project is funded through the European Regional Developmental Fund. Project duration: 2008-2011 

Corinna Hößle (Stand: 10.09.2018)