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Nadine Ruthenberg

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Dr. Gesa Feenders, PhD

Dr. Gesa Feenders, PhD

Current Position

Research associate

University of Oldenburg, Working group Animal Physiology & Behaviour


Multisensory integration in starlings

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Education and Scientific Career

2008-2011: Newcastle University (UK): postdoctoral position
the development of stereotypic behaviour in caged starlings in connection with possible cognitive impairments (Bateson lab)

2006-2008: Newcastle University (UK): DAAD postdoctoral fellowship
the neuronal background of episodic-like memory in food-hoarding magpies
(Smulders lab)

2002-2006: Oldenburg University (DE): PhD
Thesis title: “Orientation mechanisms and their neurobiological background”

AG Animal Navigation

2001-2002: Bristol University (UK): Research Assistant
UV vision in birds (groups of Andy Bennett and Kate Buchanan)

1994-2000: Freiburg University (DE): undergrad studies Diplom-Biologie



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