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Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen

AG Neurosensorik/Animal Navigation

Institut für Biologie und Umweltwissenschaften (IBU)
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg

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Dr. Manuela Zapka, PhD

Education and Scientific Career

  • 2005-2009: PhD student at Dept. of Biology, University of Oldenburg, Germany,AG "Neurosensorik-Animal Navigation" (Group leader: Prof. Dr. H. Mouritsen).
  • 2005: Master of sciences (M.Sc.) in Biology (Diplom-Biologe) on "Trade-offs between reproductive investment and immune system in female European Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)", Inst. of Animal Physiology, University of Bayreuth, Prof. Dr. D. von Holst.
  • 1999: Matriculated at University of Bayreuth, Germany.
  • 1999: Graduated from Gymnasium Tegernsee, Germany.


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  • 2008: 2008: Feenders, G., Liedvogel, M., Rivas, M., Zapka, M., Horita, H., Hara, E., Wada, K., Mouritsen, H. & Jarvis, E.D. (2008) Molecular Mapping of Movement-Associated Areas in the Avian Brain: A Motor Theory for Vocal Learning Origin. PLoS ONE, 3, e1768. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0001768
  • 2009: Zapka, M., Heyers, D.,Hein, C. M.,Engels, S., Schneider, N.-L.,Hans, J.,Weiler, S.,Dreyer, D.,Kishkinev, D.,Wild, J. M. & Mouritsen, H. "Visual but not trigeminal mediation of magnetic compass information in a migratory bird", Nature 461, 1274-1277. Link
  • 2010: Hein, C. M., Zapka, Heyers, D., Kutzschbauch, S., Schneider, N.-L. & Mouritsen, H., "Night-migratory garden warblers can orient with their magnetic compass using the left, the right, or both eyes", J. Royal. Soc. Interface 7, S227-33. Link

  • 2010: Heyers, D., Zapka M.,Hoffmeister, M., Wild, J. M.,Mouritsen, H., "Magnetic field changes activate the trigeminal brainstem complex in a migratory bird". Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences USA (PNAS) 107:9394-9399. Link
  • 2010: Zapka M., Heyers, D., Liedvogel, M.,Jarvis, E. D.,Mouritsen, H."Night-time neuronal activation of Cluster N in a day- and night-migrating songbird". European Journal of Neuroscience 32, 619-624. Link
  • 2011: Hein, C. M., Zapka, M. & Mouritsen, H. (2011) Weather significantly influences the migratory behaviour of night-migratory songbirds tested indoors in orientation cages. Journal of Ornithology 152, 27-35. DOI:10.1007/s10336-010-0540-x
  • 2014: Engels, S., Schneider, N.-L., Lefeldt, N., Hein, C. M., Zapka, M., Michalik, A., Elbers, D., Kittel, A., Hore, P. J. & Mouritsen, H. (2014) Anthropogenic electromagnetic noise disrupts magnetic compass orientation in a migratory bird. Nature 509, 353-356. doi: 10.1038/nature13290

Conference Contributions

  • Zapka, M., Feenders, G., Liedvogel, M., Jarvis, ED., Mouritsen, H. (2007). "Neuronal integration of magnetic compass orientation: Day- vs night-migrants." Annual Meeting of the Study Group Evolutionary Biology of the German Zoological Society, Bayreuth
  • Zapka, M., Rödel, H.G., Dawils, L., von Holst, D. (2005). "Relationship between reproductive investment and parameters of the immune system: a study on free-ranging female European rabbits." 98th Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society in Bayreuth, Supplements.
  • Rödel, H.G., Türk,T., Geier, C., Bruchner, B., Zapka, M., von Holst, D. (2005). "Inverse density-dependent predation risk on different spatial scales: a study on juvenile European rabbits." Conference abstracts of the IX International Mammological Conference in Sapporo, Japan.
  • Zapka, M., Rödel, H.G., Dawils, L., von Holst, D. (2004). "Trade-off between reproductive effort and immunity? A study on free-ranging European rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus)." 78th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Mammology, Bonn. Zeitschrift für Säugetierkunde 69 (Suppl), 45
  • Rödel, H.G., Zapka, M., von Holst, D. (2004). "Age specific reproductive investement in female European rabbits." 78th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Mammology, Bonn. Mammalian Biology 69(Suppl), 30.
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