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Florian Bleibaum, M.Sc.

Current Position

PhD Student

Universität-Hautklinik Kiel

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Personal Profile

My education and work experience provide me with an inter-disciplinary background and training in a variety of experimental techniques. I am a self-directed and motivated person, with a profound knowledge in Molecular Biology, and experience in project management and teaching.

Education & Training

10/2010 – 05/2014    Master of Biology

Thesis: ”Characterization, identification and siRNA induced regulation of Erithacus rubecula cryptochromes” (written in English)

Specializations in Molecular Neurochemistry, Biochemistry and Neurosensory

Carl Von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg/University of Bremen

07/2012    Course in RNA interference techniques in vitro and in vivo

PromoCell Academy, Heidelberg, given by Dr. Ute Schepers

10/2006 – 10/2010    Bachelor of Environmental Sciences

Thesis: “The impact of changing environmental factors on host – parasite communities. Parameters for further laboratory tests” (written in English)

Leuphana University of Lüneburg

09/2005 – 09/2006    Training as a paramedic, first aid and paramedic teacher

Paramedic Centraler Krankentransport, Hameln

10/2002 – 07/2005    High School Graduation (Abitur)

Elisabeth-Selbert-Schule Hameln Fachgymnasium für Gesundheit und Soziales

Work Experience

05/2014 – currently

Research assistant in the AG Neurosensorik (Animal Navigation)

Project: The expression of cryptochrome proteins with their associated co-factor Flavin.

Cooperation with Oxford University to analyze the effect of magnetic fields on radical pairs, as a result of the light induced reduction of the cryptochrome bound Flavin.

08/2014 – 09/2014

Collaboration project with Molzym GmbH & Co. KG/ Chimera Biotec GmbH

Characterization of a heat shock protein (HSPx) antibody on Mycobacterium bovis.

Design of the experimental setup and tutor of an external Master student.

04/2012 – 05/2014

Scientific assistant in the AG Neurosensorik (Animal Navigation)

Project: Genetic and molecular characterization of cryptochromes in different species of migratory birds.
Establishment of protocols and methods in biochemistry and cell culture. Teaching assistantship of Bachelor and Master students.

02/2011 – currently

First aid and paramedic teacher

Zentraler Krankentransport

07/2008 – 11/2009

Management assistantship in the general student committee (AStA)

Leuphana University of Lüneburg

Social Work

01/2005 – currently

Public relations INTERHELP (German society for international help)

Fundraising for projects on disaster relief supply and logistics management, as well as media elaboration.

Selected Skills & Techniques

Molecular biology

RT-PCR, RACE-PCR, cell culture, molecular cloning, mutagenesis techniques, RNA/DNA extraction, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, RNA interference


Recombinant protein expression, protein extraction, luciferase assay, Western-Blot (with different blotting systems), cell-free protein expression, immunoprecipitation (with different IP systems)


Fluorescence microscopy and confocal microscopy

Molecular Virology

Hemagglutination assay, plaque assay, TCID50 (Tissue Culture Infection Dose 50) in herpes and influenza virus infections


Protein/nucleotide sequence analysis (Geneious), SWISS model (protein structure modelling)

Animal models

Experience with transgenic mouse models, surgery assistance and in vivo application of siRNA in migratory birds

Software skills

MS Office environment and web publishing


Conference Contributions

04/11/2013 – 04/13/2013

Bionav -The application of animal navigation techniques in autonomous vehicles.

Royal Institute of Navigation conference. Egham, United Kingdom.


Symposium of Magnetoreception. 6th European Conference on Behavioural Biology.

University of Duisburg-Essen. Duisburg, Germany.


2016: Bolte P., Bleibaum F., Einwich A., Günther A., Liedvogel M., Heyers D., Depping A., Wöhlbrand L., Rabus R., Janssen-Bienhold U., Mouritsen H. (2016) "Localisation of the Putative Magnetoreceptor Chryptochrome 1b in the Rentinae of Migratory Birds and Homing Pigeons". PloS ONE 11: e0147819. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0147819

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