Nadine Thiele, M.Sc.


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Nadine Thiele, M.Sc.

Nadine Thiele, M.Sc.

Current Position

PhD Student

University of Oldenburg, Working group of Prof. Christine Köppl (Cochlea and Auditory Brainstem Physiology)


Field potentials in the auditory system

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Education and Scientific Career

July 2013 – July 2015: Master student at Department of Biology, University of Oldenburg, Germany, AG Animal Navigation/"Neurosensorik" (Group leader: Prof. Dr. H. Mouritsen).

"Star Compass Learning in Night-Migratory Songbirds"
"The Role of Cryptochromes in Magnetoreception"

2012 – 2015: Studies of Biological Sciences (Master), University of Oldenburg.
Focus: Neurosensory Science and Behaviour, Ornithology

2009 – 2012: Studies of Biological Sciences (Bachelor), University of Oldenburg.
Focus: Neurobiology and Behaviour.
Bachelor thesis: “Zur Kalibrierung des (Magnet-) Kompasses handaufgezogener Rotkehlchen anhand von Himmelsobjekten”  (AG Animal Navigation/"Neurosensorik", Group leader: Prof. Dr. H. Mouritsen)

2006 – 2009: Conerusschule Norden, Fachgymnasium Wirtschaft


2016: Schwarze S., Steenken F., Thiele N., Kobylkov D., Lefeldt N., Dreyer D., Schneider N-L., and Mouritsen H. (2016) "Migratory blackcaps can use their magnetic compass at 5 degrees inclination, but are completely random at 0 degree inclination", Sci Rep. 6:33805. doi.: 10.1038/srep33805

2015: Alert, B., Michalik, A., Thiele, N., Bottesch, M. & Mouritsen, H. (2015) "Re-calibration of the magnetic compass in hand-raised European robins (Erithacus rubecula)." Scientific Reports, 5:14323, doi:10.1038/srep14323

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