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MobaXterm for Windows

Download the free version of MobaXterm from and install it. Start the program, fire up a "new term" and continue with "how to connect to kronos"

How to connect to kronos

(or any other server by replacing username and servername). Start a local Console, Terminal, Term in Mobaxterm, ... - depending on your OS.

Enter the following command:

ssh -X

Replace USER by your username, for example arb-a

Confirm the keys validity (only the first time you connect to a server) and enter your password. You should have a command prompt on kronos. Start "xclock" by entering the word and press enter. A window with a clock should appear.

In case of problems check spelling, upper and LOWER case matters!

Using rstudio on kronos via web interface

Visit the following page:

If this does not work you can also try

but the first one should be ok for nearly every network.

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