Dr. Ferdinand Esser, MBA
Akademischer Koordinator wissenschaftliche Nachwuchsförderung für Promovierende und PostDocs am ICBM


Due to the coronavirus the ICBM PhD Day must be cancelled.

The fifth PhD-Day will take place at the at the Campus Wechloy on April 2nd 2020. All PhD students of the ICBM will gather to present their current work and ongoing research of their working groups. Aside from various talks, the program will also feature a poster session as well as round tables to discuss relevant topics.

Program is coming soon!

The 5th PhD day is organised by the ICBM PhD organising committee:

Tabea Hildebrand   tabea.lwvr4hildebraneknd@utavni-oldenqjbuffrg.dcbetn Umweltbiochemie
Prof. Dr. Peter Schupp
Christopher Dibke chrwredistk6tcopher.dibke@uz9fni-oj1djldenbuqa/rg5hz1.djqtec1oz Organische Geochemie
Prof. Dr. Heinz Wilkes
Jana Dewenter jana.dewapm/enter@qimuuni-n3oldenbura3+vzg.dhsjhhe1c0 Umweltbiochemie
Prof. Dr. Peter Schupp
Henning Waltemathe henning.waj4a7ltemld2pwathe@wxuni-oldbuxenbutcsrg.den7 Marine Isotopengeochemie
Prof. Dr. Katharina Pahnke-May
Dr. Ferdinand Esser Scientific Coordinator of Early Career Researchers (Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs) of the ICBM
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