A selection of our research activities

The Arctic Ocean and its sedimentary record
Reconstructing paleoenvironmental conditions of the high northern latitudes.

Geochemistry of upwelling sediments
Results from surface sediment cores of areas off Peru, Namibia and the Arabian Sea.

Eine Ausfahrt in Wattenmeer: Bilder und Informationen Environmental Research
How do we explain atmospheric pollution? Results from our multicomponent receptor models (a joint study with the Institute of Geochemistry at Goettingen University).

ODP Leg 160 (Eastern Mediterranean) Explore our findings on Mediterranean Sedimentary Cycles and Sapropels studied at high resolution! Black Shales These sediments are still a miracle for many researchers. Black Sea Pyrite-formation in the bigest recent anoxic system. Kupferschiefer A paleozoic synonm of the Black Sea? Aeolian Sediments  You are interested in aeolian sediments like loess? Analytical Facilities Do you want to know something about our instrumentation? By the way: contract analysis is possible!! Please contact our Laboratory: Wir führen auch Auftragsanalytik durch!! Bitte wenden Sie sich an: Dr. B. Schnetger, Tel. +49(0)441 798 3796, Fax. +49(0)441 798 3404. Halogens How to analyze the halogens in biological and geological samples? Hard Rocks A look into the lower continental crust!

The BCCP (Boreal Cretaceous Cycles Program) comprises efforts to detect Milankovitch-type cyclicity in Albian sediments from the NW German Basin by high-resolution inorganic geochemical analysis of a research drill site (Kirchrode). It represents part of a German contribution to the international ALBICORE program.

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