Knowledge Transfer-based Recommendations to enable Self-Service Business Intelligence




Nowadays, Enterprises face different challenges while operating their businesses. These challenges result from the continuous changes in the business environment. This has changed to be more complex and dynamic. Moreover, the business environment is influenced by globalization, legal changes, volatile markets and technical progress. Therefore, the integration of the business intelligence systems in enterprises will help decision makers and management by providing them with the important information at the right time so that they can react quickly against the dynamic changes in the market.


Business intelligence has been widely deployed in enterprises in order to help the employees in their decision-making process. Statistics from Gartner Group showed that the investment in the business intelligence domain has recently been very high. On the other hand, different studies and market researches showed that the pervasiveness and the usage percentage rate of business intelligence are still very low. The reason behind that is the complexity of the usage of business intelligence systems. Moreover, enterprise users often lack analytical and technical skills to use these systems. The business users cannot get the required information at the right

time unless they ask for support from IT or professional (power) users. The large number of business user’s requests leads to overload the power users, who have become a bigger bottleneck than before.

To address the above-mentioned issues and to improve the usage rate of business intelligence systems, a new concept for self-service business intelligence is proposed. Within this system, the knowledge (knowhow) of power users is extracted in form of analysis paths and stored in a knowledge repository. After that, this knowledge is delivered to business users in form of recommendations while they use the business intelligence system. This will enable business users to get answers about their business questions at the right time.


This research is intended to support business users in enterprises to get the information they need for the decision-making process, without relying on the power users. First, new architecture of self-service business intelligence systems should be conceptualized and developed. Second, a prototype should be implemented as a proof of concept. Finally, the prototype will be evaluated under different business scenarios in order to validate the benefit of the new architecture for the business users. Moreover, it is intended to discuss the results with business intelligence experts from different organizations.

Betreuer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jorge Marx Gómez


25. Juni 2018 16:15


Safwan Sulaiman, Universität Oldenburg


OFFIS, Escherweg 2, Raum F 02

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