Piecewise- polynomial methods and their application


In such areas as geophysics, seismology, medicine a problem of signals processing appears. As a result of signals processing spasmodic changes, emissions or anomalies are found in this or that parameter of a signal by means of which it is possible to carry out the principle of forecasting - prediction of the field and amount of minerals and also places, force and time of future seismic event in geophysics and seismology. And in medicine it is possible to determine presence of a disease by results of processing of biomedical signals, to define and accompany treatment therapy. For the digital processing of the signals arising in various areas piecewise-polynomial methods on a basis a spline functions are widely applied. In the report algorithms of determination of parameters of cubic and bicubic splines, results of comparative analysis of opportunities of splines in comparison with traditional cubic polynomials will be shown. And also concrete applications of the offered algorithms will be given in technical appendices.

Eingeladen von: Prof. Dr. Andreas Winter


12. Februar 2019, 14:00


Prof. Dr. Khakimjon Zaynidinov, Tashkent University of Information Technologies


A05 1-160

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