Kolloquium: Testing small: nano-/micro-mechanical tests and their applications

Dr Mingyuan Lu is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, at The University of
Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia. She currently leads a diverse research team in association with Prof. Han
Huang, who is also based in the same school. The research interests of her team include nano‐ and microscale
mechanical testing and characterisation, additive manufacturing, and surface engineering.
In this seminar for the University of Oldenburg, Dr Lu will introduce her team’s research achievements within
these three subject areas: 1) the development of nano‐/micro‐mechanical testing methodologies for interfacial ad-
hesion characterisation; 2) additive manufacturing of biodegradable porous scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
applications; and 3) laser‐based surface engineering of Ti‐alloys. Dr. Lu will also discuss her team’s current en-
deavours towards developing nano‐composite coatings for domestic appliances as well as the exploitation of novel
lubrication methods for improved metal forming processes. The seminar will be presented in a format that is suit-
able for a general audience, with a focus on research outcomes and applications rather than technical details.

Research Synopsis:
She is an Australian Research Council (ARC) DECRA fellow and a senior lecturer in the School of Mechanical
and Mining Engineering (SoMME) at UQ, an independent researcher with a strong vision for an innovative and
independent research portfolio in materials engineering. She has made significant impact in the fields of nano-
/micro-mechanical characterization, materials processing and laser surface engineering. The promising outcomes
of her research have elicited strong support from ARC. She has received an ARC DECRA, an ARCLinkage and
an ARC Discovery grant since 2019. She fostered a research environment through excellent supervision and re-
search training, as well as establishing a number of national and international collaborations. She is currently
supervising 8 PhD students. She is the principal supervisor of 3 PhDs. She was an associate advisor to 3 PhDs and
2 Masters students and mentor to 1 PhD and 3 visiting students, who have now successfully graduated. She has
established strong ongoing collaborative partnerships with experts in different research fields, including A/Prof.
Allison Pettit (Mater Research Institute), Prof. Paul McCormick (UWA) and Prof. Brian Lawn (National Institute
of Standards and Technology, USA). She is also collaborating with HBIS New Materials in Qiangdao China and
Graphene manufacturing Group (GMG) in Brisbane in an ARC Linkage project, and has ongoing collaboration
with Mater Research Institute initiated by a UQ SEED project.
Eingeladen von: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Sergej Fatikow

27.09.2022 14:00 – Offenes Ende

A01 3-330

(Stand: 18.05.2022)