Circular Challenge 2020

Circular Challenge 2020

Creating own sustainable solutions!

Noble Environmental Technology Europe (Enabling Cocreation Cooperation and Responsibility) converts cellulose waste fibers into marketable products with several applications by employed its ECOR®  Technology. ECOR® has a mission to enable partners’ circular economy ambitions and scale-up its circular business case. CEWE is a leading photo service company in Europe committed to sustainability that wants to improve the business case for sustainable products or services. DSM-Niaga® is an advanced circular company that produces recyclable carpets, matrasses and panels made of waste material.

The Circular Challenge 2020  took place on the 11.+12. September 2020 and was free of charge.

What were the benefits of participating?

Participants had the possibility to invent radical new ideas and reflect upon existing difficulties to implement sustainability. They could make current products more sustainable or invent an additional line of more sustainable products and increase the circularity of existing companies. Participants could learn about their circular strategies & business models, innovation and their fresh new ideas combined with the business expertise had the potential to contribute to a better world – with less waste. A unique opportunity to experience realistic circular challenges while collaborating with circular companies and like-minded students from different countries were given in this two-day online event.

By passing the challenge participants were also given a certificate from ScaleUp4Sustainability!

What was the challenge?

Converting waste into valuable products and co-creating to develop new circular business models. Participants were coached to develop their ideas, and to build virtual prototypes and new business models. They were facing key facets of circular innovation and entrepreneurship.

Who was participating?

Business, technical, and design students from academic and applied universities in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and everone else who registered.

What did participants do?

On the first day participants were discussing circular (entrepreneurial) experiences, successes and trials, as well as best practices of several companies. On the second day, in the S4S Circular Challenge, they were challenged to develop their own circular solutions and pitch these to an expert jury. All activities were organized digitally.

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