Fujifilm Future Challenge 2022

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Important Dates:

Deadline to register: 01.03.2022

01.-07.03. Selection of students
14.03. Team composition
21.-25.03. Team building
09:00-12:00 CEST
Plenary Kick-off meeting
09:00-12:00 CEST
Plenary Midterm meeting
09:00-12:00 CEST

Plenary FINAL meeting


Fujifilm Future Challenge 2022

Co-create with the industry: Invent the future and bring your own solutions to big societal problems.

Fujifilm, the world's largest photographic and imaging company, has a mission to improve the quality of life for people. Participants of the Fujifilm Future Challenge 2022 could contribute to this goal and learn about how to create and test sustainable business ideas in an international setting.

It is less well known that Fujifilm are also leading innovators in the fields of bio-engineering, energy & environment, medicine and membranes. Currently, Fujifilm focusses on (1) Functional Materials, e.g. materials that can be used in the development of membranes for the generation of Hydrogen in energy storage, water purification and carbon capturing); and (2) the Healthcare Industry, e.g. diagnostic MRI or endoscopy equipment, stem cell technology, new drugs and cell and tissue culturing. Those technologies can be used in applications to treat diseases like skin burns, renew knee cartilage or even to regenerate heart cells.

The challenge.

  • In international multidisciplinary teams of European and Asian universities, you will develop and test new product ideas based on the technologies of Fujifilm.
  • You work with specialists at Fujifilm and will be coached to develop ideas, spot opportunities and test how your ideas in the market in a great international company.
  • Learn about creativity, innovation and thinking like an entrepreneur! The challenge is organized by the ScaleUp4Sustainability & Challenge4Impact projects, funded by the European Union.

What is the goal?

To co-create with Fujifilm to develop new sustainable business.

What is the prize?

The team with the best idea will be awarded the Fujifilm Future Innovation Award and will have the experience of presenting the idea to the European top management in the new Fujifilm Headquarters in Düsseldorf.

Who can participate?

Entrepreneurial students from all Bachelor and Master study programms of University of Oldenburg. You'll meet and collaborate with students from Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Indeonesia.

You need to have sufficient knowledge of English. (That's the programme language).

What are you going to do?

  • All meetings will be online. With the Open Innovation Hub of Fujifilm, you learn to work with new technologies. In ten weeks, you develop your new business ideas based on new creativity tools and test these at real customers.
  • You will be part of a highly international team and meet (virtually) with your own team and all other participating teams. Fujifilm gives you direct feedback. Weekly, a coach is guiding you. You prepare 2 videos, 2 business model canvasses and a poster presentation.
  • Finally, you pitch your tested business model to an expert jury. Over a period of three months (March-May 2022), you will face all of the key facets of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Be part of this event!

Send a short application letter  - either as individuell person or at a group of 4 enthusiastic friends and tell us:

  • What's your motivation to take part in the Fujifilm Challenge?
  • What are the key competences you bring in the team?

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