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Programm der Internationalen Orientierungswoche

Modern Business Manners and Self-Presentation

When it comes business etiquette, there are some rules that aren´t meant to be broken. What should I know as a young professional to assist me in my daily working life? How do I manage the greetings and introductions, the meetings and the small talk that are part of the business day? How can I write more effective emails? Which are the fashion rules that apply for today’s professional? What is acceptable, and expected, in personal branding and social media etiquette – and what is to be avoided?

This intensive 2-days seminar is designed not only to introduce you to (German) business culture but to help you optimize your appearance and conduct – both digital and analogue. You will get helpful tips, feedback and learn about the many facets of business etiquette and dress codes which apply outside academia. Upon completion of the workshop you will gain the knowledge and confidence that will assist you in being successful in the professional work place.

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