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Academic Vocabulary and Typisch ´Denglisch´?

Academic Vocabulary

This workshop will cover what makes some words and phrases academic and others not, how you can decode ‘big words’ without always reaching for the dictionary, how word families are built, when (or when not) to use ‘big words’ or subject-specific terms. Additionally, we will review the use and importance of hedging language.

Typisch ‘Denglisch’?

Though English and German are different languages, they do share certain linguistic features. Perhaps this is partly why mixing the two, often called ‘Denglisch’, happens so easily. The danger of ‘Denglisch’ is that it often makes your language less clear, and can be especially confusing for international audiences. This workshop will compare some of the more common examples of ‘Denglisch’ and how to avoid them.

Target group: doctoral candidates and postdocs

Course website and registration: https://uol.de/p52493en

05.11.2021 09:00 – 12.11.2021 12:00

(Stand: 29.06.2021)