Saskia Grunau (Oldenburg)

14.01.2015 - W01 0-012 (Wechloy), 16 Uhr c.t.

Algebro-geometric methods and particle motion around black holes

Abstract: Geodesics are a powerful tool to study black holes. The motion of particles and light around a black hole provides information about the spacetime and the analytic solutions of the geodesic equations can be used to calculate observables, which could be compared to observations in order to test theories and models. For simple models of black holes, the analytic solution of the equations of motion can be obtained in terms of the Weierstraß elliptic function. In more complicated spacetimes, the geodesic equations are often of hyperelliptic type. There the integration of the geodesic equations is basically a special case of the Jacobi inversion problem and the solution can be expressed in terms of the Kleinian sigma-function.

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