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Interactive Online Classes on BigBlueButton (Mittagstreffen E-Didaktik)

Interactive Online Classes on BigBlueButton

In the past two semesters, the Corona pandemic has made video conferencing an essential part of our working and academic lives. But this does not necessarily mean that we are harnessing the full pedagogical potential of videoconferencing software when moderating and designing virtual classes. In this virtual Lunchtime Meeting, we will focus on different features in BBB and their application in the academic context. What should we consider when communicating online? How can we make virtual meetings (more) interactive? What can we use particular tools for? How can we engage students?


If you'd like to attend this event, you can sign up by sending a short email at . But you are also welcome to join us without signing up! All instructors at the University of Oldenburg are invited, so feel free to forward the email to colleagues who might be interested.

11.05.2021 12:30 – 13:30

(Stand: 08.10.2021)