Sich selbst sammeln

Diese künstlerische Performance wird parallel  in Seoul (Südkorea) durchgeführt. Eine spätere Galerieausstellung der Fotografien und Aufnahmen wird die Ergebnisse und den Alltag verschiedener Kulturkreise zusammenführen.

Die Kernfragen sind: Welche Überschneidungen gibt es? Welche Unterschiede? Ist das Fremde näher an unserem Alltag, als wir denken.

"Collecting Yourself"

Students expose their daily life

Team based concept and realization of an exhibition, WS 2008/09

A project of the interdisciplinary master study course „Museum und Ausstellung“ (museum and exhibition)                                   

Project management:Norma Mack, Department of Visual and Material culture, faculty III

When we go to a museum we often want to see something strange and unusual. But already James Clifford, the ethnologist, said in his famous essay “Collecting yourself” that the way we collect strange things, order and present them, reveals more about ourselves and our desires than about other societies.

In this project of the Master study course “Museum and Exhibition” we will, right from the beginning, focus on our own daily life and “collect ourselves” consciously.

For this target we need a scope that primarily constitutes a visual distance and opens space for a new approach.

Subjects of text research:

·         collecting yourself

·         collecting situations

·         focusing

·         closeness - distance, delimitation – connection

·         body - space, object - space

·         procedure - space

·         attention/ view guidance / searching audience

·         observation of audience

·         White cube

·         presentation

·         mobility / public place

·         international exchange (England, Korea)

·         Performance and exhibition

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