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Matthias Junge



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Matthias Junge

Matthias Junge

PhD Student of Florian Hess and member of the OLCRYPT program.

Research Interests

  • Arithmetic in Picard groups of algebraic curves
  • Arithmetic and algorithmic aspects of coherent sheaves

Further Interests



Scholarships and Prizes

  • Heinz Neumüller Scholarship 2018
  • Best talk of a young scientist at the Fachtagung Computeralgebra 2017 (The award includes prize money of 500 euros)
  • One of the main prizes at the DMV Young Researchers Symposium 2016 (The award includes a research stay at the Humboldt Institute for Mathematics in Bonn)
  • Faculty award for the thesis "Asymptotically fast arithmetic in the divisor class group of function fields with large genus"

In preparation

  • Asymptotically fast arithmetic in Picard groups of algebraic curves (with Florian Hess)


  • WS 2016/17 Assistance in Linear Algebra
  • SS 2017 Assistance in Algebra I
  • WS 2017/18 Tutorial in Linear Algebra
(Stand: 20.04.2022)