Visual Interactive Exploration of Geo-Located Infrastructure and Facilities (UrbanExplorer) is a research project, funded by the DFG (Geman National Science Foundation) and part of a network of projects under the priority program "Scalable Visual Analytics: Interactive Visual Analysis Systems of Complex Information Spaces". The goal of URBANEXPLORER is to impose different visual analytic technologies over a geographical web information retrieval system to help end users with visual exploration and querying over a highly complex but informative data. We are investigating methods for retrieving geo-spatially related information of different types and from different sources, integrating these into novel visualizations that are easily to interpret. Going beyond map-based points and region clusters, we will develop methods for the integration and intuitive visualization for relevant aspects of the geo-spatial availability of services and infrastructure such as spreading and distribution, sparseness and density, reachability and connectivity. The two main objectives of the project are:

  • End user empowerment: To assist end user’s location-related understanding and decision making on the local infrastructure and services
  • Using Web as a major geo information source: The richest publically available data source 

In this project, we deal with following major researich challenges:

  • Preciseness in retrieval of spatial data Ranking and relevance assessment 
  • Geo-visualization of high-dimensional spatial data 
  • Computational and visual scalability 
  • Dynamic user preferences and interactivity

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(Stand: 29.04.2022)