Seminar Medizinische Physik

  • Zeit: Dienstags, 10-12h (c.t.)
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Sommersemester 2020





14.04.20 Kein Seminar (verschobener Semesterstart) -  
21.04.20 A machine learning approach for the prediction of Common Audiological Functional Parameters (CAFPAs) Samira Saak (Master defense)  
28.04.20 Finding the missing 6 dB: Loudness mismatch between headphone and loudspeaker presentation Florian Denk  
19.05.20 Development and evaluation of an adaptive scaling method for subjective listening effort Melanie Krüger  
26.05.20 Neurophysiological correlates of listening fatigue Max Blümer  
02.06.20 Estimating fundamental frequency and formants based on periodicity glimpses: a deep learning approach Joanna Luberadzka  
09.06.20 A communication task in a simulated restaurant acoustic environment Julia Schütze DE
16.06.20 Perceived speech quality of regular speech and singing in reverberant environments Pia Porysek DE
23.06.20 Extending Speech Recognition Threshold Predictions with Neural Networks in a Comprehensive Simulation Framework for Auditory Discrimination Experiments (FADE) Paul Kranzusch DE
30.06.20 Audioquality in Complex Scenarios Thomas Biberger DE
07.07.20 Semi-supervised self-adjustment fine-tuning procedure for hearing aids for asymmetrical hearing loss Jonathan Gößwein  
14.07.20 Analysis of Automatic Phoneme Alignments and Automatic Phoneme Recognition for Pathological Speech

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