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Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Fudickar

Leiter der Gruppe Neuro-motorische Diagnose- und Therapiesysteme

Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Fudickar

Dr. Fudickar is group leader at the Division of Assistance Systems and Medical Device Technology at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. Since 2014 he is heading the neuro-motoric diagnosis and therapy systems group (www.uol.de/nemo) of the Division of Assistance Systems and Medical Device Technology, which is associated with the Department of Health Services Research as part of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, even though the teaching activity still focuses on the computer science and strong cooperations exist with the Health R+D division of the OFFIS e.V.

With the leading goal to  enhance elderlies' motor and cognitive performance via technological-supported personalized diagnostics and interventions, he aims at both, to identify causalities between cognitive and motor deficit and to enable specific resource-oriented therapy approaches.   

Since the differentiation of motor, cognitive and sensory abilities is essential for a detailed evaluation of elderlies' functionality, he develops and evaluates diagnostic systems for the combined measure of motor, cognitive and sensory abilities.


His group is experienced with development, evaluation and use of motor-related (inertial and ambient) sensory and neurological measurement techniques (such as fNIRS and EEG) as well as signal processing and machine learning techniques.


Dr. Fudickar received his Phd. (Dr. rer. nat.) in 2014 and his M.Sc. degree in computer science from Potsdam University, Germany and his B.Sc. from the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) Potsdam, Germany. He is regularly reviewer in various journals (such as MDPI Sensors, IEEE Software and Elsevier Future Generation Computer Systems), conferences and workshops.

In addition, he is member of the VDI/VDE-GMA directive committees FA 7.29 Wearables und Big Data as well as of the Workgroup Digital Health of DNVF e.V.and the GI.


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