Gender – Language - Culture

Prof. Dr. Fatima Sadiqi

Lectures: Friday, Oct. 19, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Setting the agenda for the working group: Saturday, Oct. 20, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Working group (independent): Friday, Oct. 26 – Sunday Oct. 28 (16 hrs)
Presentation: Monday, Oct 29, 10:00 – 4:30 pm (30 min.)

The various and milti-layered interactions between gender, language and culture are complex, undertheorized, and poorly understood. These interactions are closely linked and often dictated by the dynamics of religion and politics in multilingual contexts like the Moroccan one where language use has social meaningings. The course “Gender, Language and Culture” examines the roots and manifestations of gender, language and culture interactions. It also aims to highlight the fact that gender construction is culture-specific and that women’s versatile use of language is important in the construction of history. As a case study, Moroccan culture and society are re-evaluated through the linguistic agency of both lay women (often rural and illiterate) and women in leadership (often educated and urban). Readings provide aspects of the interactions the course seeks to delimit. These readings constitute a basis for students to apply gender analysis to a topic of their own choosing in a research project. This course does not presuppose any background in Moroccan culture, Islam or feminist theory.

Reading List

  • Bourdieu, Pierre, Language and Symbolic Power. Cambridge : Harvard University Press.
  • Charrad, M. (2001). States and Women’s Rights: The Making of Postcolonial Tunisia,Algeria, and Morocco. Berkeley: U. of California Press.
  • Combs-Schilling,  M.E., Sacred Performances : Islam, Sexuality, and Sacrifice (Marriage and Religious  Customs in Morocco. New York: Columbia University Press.
  • Ennaji, Moha, Multilingualism, Cultural Identity and Education in Morocco.   New York: Springer
  • Kapchan, Deborah, (1996). Gender on the Market. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.
  • Mernissi, F. (1993). Doing Daily Battle. Trans. London: The Women’s Press.
  • Sadiqi, Fatima (2003). Women, Gender and Language in Morocco. Leiden: Brill Academic Press.
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