Fellows' Network

A key issue of the project is to contribute to the qualification of young scholars, thus students on the MA and Ph.D. level are directly involved in all project activities. Furthermore, the program offers students from each university research stipends to one of the partner universities.

Reports on Fellowships: Excerpts from the Fellows' Reports

  • Word-Dokument The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Supporting Women's Political Participation
    Nadia Al-Asri, grad., University of Sana'a
    email: alasrisnow@yahom5z3qo.cx49omwnge
  • Word-Dokument The Impact of Economic Reform on Gender in Yemen
    Suhair Atef, MA, University of Sana'a
    email: suhaiz+pcr_a@yahooht5.comgbs
  • Word-Dokument Women and Politics
    Hanane Darhour, MA, University of Fes
  • Word-Dokument Migration in the Arab Region: The Case of Yemen
    Kea Eilers, stud. isl. sc., Kiel University
    email: Keap3/013nm@webqxp0.dezz
  • Word-Dokument Media, Gender and Politics in Two Francophone Magazines
    Kamal Elaissaoui, MA, University of Fes
    email: ka/dmal/uh4m1ekluglaissazjhoui@vgyaaqhoo.co7we1smk+m
  • Word-Dokument Juvenile Delinquents, Gender and Human Development in Morocco
    Bouchra Elbtioui, MA, University of Fes
  • Word-Dokument The Role of Women in Transmitting Moroccan Culture: The Festival of Imilchil as a Case Study
    Siham Fadil, MA, University of Fes
    email: fadsitfixjm@hotmeixail.oicozhm
  • Word-Dokument Female Heads of Households: The Impact of Male Migration on Gender Roles in Rural Morocco
    Eva Fuchs, stud. isl. sc., University of Hamburg
  • Word-Dokument First Explorative Studies on Female Body Practices and Sport in Yemen
    Rea Kodalle, MA, CvO University of Oldenburg
    email: kodaxyk0lle@hotma/xtilsgw.compxthv
  • Self-Representations of Women in Palestine and Germany
    Ulrike Lingen-Ali, Dipl.-Paed., CvO University of Oldenburg
  • Migration and Its Effects on Gender and Family in Yemen
    Noora Omer, MA, Aden University (project director: Dr. Rokhsana Ismail)
    email: <tybr /6gfjd>k7e1 (noranxqx_omar2006@yaxahoo.comuy)
  • Politics of the Body - The Body as Political Issue
    Carlotta Schulte Ostermann, Dipl.-Soc. Sc., CvO University of Oldenburg
    email: ca12wwrlotta.fblfschulte.ostqlftermannhn@ukykvol.d4eekewq9r
  • Gender Differences on Learning Strategies, Motivation and Achievement
    Sabria Al-Thawr, MA, University of Sana'a
  • Word-Dokument Civil Society, Democracy and Women's Movement in Morocco
    Mohammed Yachoulti, MA, University of Fes
  • Word-Dokument Unrepresentability, Moroccan Woman and Media: Diverse Perspectives
    Asmae Filali Youssefi, MA, University of Fes
  • Word-Dokument Gender Differences in Language Use of Yemeni Men and Women
    Mokhtar Alzuraiki, MA, Aden University
    email: zuxrwerk1pu5b97dl5@yahoo.cowsjpm
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