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Programme Fees and Financing

Fees for the international Management of Technology Enhanced Learning (MTEL) programme are 900 Euro per course module. In this master’s program, you will generally complete 12 course modules, in addition to the master’s thesis module (13th module); the fee for the master’s thesis module is 1 500 Euro.

You will pay only for those modules for which you register. You also have the option of reducing programme fees by applying for prior learning assessment and recognition of existing competences. For additional information, see: Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

Included in the course module fee:

  • Participation in the course module
  • Access to the C3LLO online learning environment, the C3LLO mobile app, and technical support
  • Course learning materials (in most cases, open educational resources or OER)
  • Intensive, professional support from the course instructional team
  • Personal consulting and support from the MTEL programme director
  • Extensive feedback and appraisal of course learning activities and final assessment

Payment Options

Flexible payment options make it easier for you to complete the MTEL master's programme. You have the following possibilities:

  • Pay your course module fees by invoice. Each course module is invoiced individually at the start of each semester, and fees are distributed over the duration of the study (i.e., each semester).
  • Pay your course module fees by bank transfer and in monthly installments over a period of six months (starting with the first course module).
  • With the financially-binding booking of course module packages or of the complete degree, you gain a price advantage. Fees for the package booking are payable at the start of the first module.
Number of Modules Single Registration Package Registration Price Benefit (Euro) Price Benefit (%)
Master' thesis module 1 500 € -- -- --
1 900 € -- -- --
2 (Certificate) 1 800 € 1 690 € 110 € 6.51%
13 12 300 € 10 900 € 1 400 € 12.84%

Semester Fees / Guest Fees

In addition to the course module fee, the University of Oldenburg requires payment of the following fees:

  • for enrolled students, a semester fee of 171.82 € 
  • For guest (non-enrolled) students, a fee of currently 120 €

Fees are subject to change. Semester and guest fees are invoiced separately from the course module fees.


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