Booking system and training request


General email (Booking system)


Booking system and training request

The microscopy core facility booking page is located:

To request a microscopy training please first fill:

The training request form

Depending on the equipment you plan to use please send these forms to:

  • Leica SP5 Confocal, Leica SP8 confocal and Leica SP5 STED to 
  • can to Vita Solovyeva
  • Leica SP2 confocal to
  • Zeiss Axioscan to Vita Solovyeva
  • Live cell imaging at Leica DMi8 Inverted Widefield Microscope to Nicola Brandt
  • Image analysis (Huygens) to Vita Solovyeva

Each user has to attend a short laser safety introduction by Petra Bolte. Please note  that the introduction should be repeated every year.

For general inquiries please contact us via central email:

We are happy to advise you on your projects and to clarify the time and effort required for your work. The device may only be used by the trained users independently.



Udpate info about SP8 booking:

  • During the core hours (8.00-20.00) there are three time-slots per day: 7.45-11.45 (open beginning); 12.00-16.00; 16.15-20.15 (open end).
  • You are allowed to book three timeslots per week. There is no restriction outside the core hours.
  • There are two exceptions if the SP8 is not fully booked or if the SP8 microscope is free (not booked in the calendar) you can  book free slots for the next day or you can use it without booking (first come, first serve).
(Stand: 20.04.2022)