Leica SP8 confocal


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Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen


Dr. Petra Bolte

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Apl. Prof. Dr. Karin Dedek

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Leica SP8 confocal

Confocal: The system is a standard inverted laser scanning confocal microscope.

Excitation: The system is equipped with  3 optically pumped semiconductor lasers: 405nm, 488nm, 564nm and 1 diode laser.


Detection: Emission wavelength collection is flexible because of the filter-free spectral detection system. The system is equipped with three point detectors; two PMT detectors and one hybrid (HyD) detector. 

Objectives: 10X/0.3 dry, 20X/0.75 IMM (multi immersion: for water, glycerol, and oil), 40X/1.3 oil, 63X/1.4 oil.

Further features: The system features eg. multiple ROI selection, scan speeds up to 7 frames/s (512x512 pixels), resonant scanner (8 kHz) with scan speeds of up to 28 frames/s (512 x 512 pixels), xyz, xzy, xyzt, xzyt, and lambda scan modes (both excitation and emission).

Manual for microscope usage.

Software for data analysis can be found here Leica LAS X


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