Scientific director

Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen


Dr. Petra Bolte

Tel. +49 441 798 3478

Apl. Prof. Dr. Karin Dedek

Tel. +49 441 798 3425

General email






User fees for the microscope usage vary depending on microscope type and affiliation.


Microscope Internal users External users
Leica SP2 15€/h by request
Leica SP5/STED 20€/h by request
Leica SP8 20€/h by request
Olympus FV 3000 20€/h by request
FLIM Olympus FV 3000 25€/h by request
Zeiss  Axio Scan Z1 0€/h by request
Leica DMi8 Inverted Widefield Microscope by request by request
IncuCyte S3 by request by request


(Stand: 20.04.2022)