Image analysis workstations


Dr. Petra Bolte

Tel. +49 441 798 3478


W4 0-081 (Huygens)

W4-0-066 (Amira)

Image analysis workstations

We offer an access to 2 powerful workstations for image analysis running  Windows. 

The image analysis workstations can be booked via online booking calendar.

First machine runs Huygens Essential program, SVI. Huygens Essential Software by Scientific Volume Imaging allows to correct blurring, noise, and spherical aberration and many others. 

Software main options: Widefield, Confocal and STED deconvolution.

Additional features included in the license: Full File-readers Option, PSF Distiller, Object Stabilizer, Deconvolution & Batch Express, Medium GPU Option, Hot Pixel Remover, Twin-Slicer, Ortho-Slicer, MIP-Renderer, SFP Renderer

If you want to use Huygens: please send send your IP adress ( to Petra. Also you will need to install a specific floating license key, which we will provide.

On the second machine Amira program (Thermofisher) is installed. Amira is a software tool used for 3D and 4 D data reconstruction, visualization and image analysis.

STED and confocal deconvolved

Figure 1. Comparisson of confocal and STED imaging and images processed by Huygens deconvolution program. Imaging done by Isabel Gross. The image present staining of a postsynaptic protein in dendrites of the mouse brain (Oregon green). 

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