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Cover image for the paper of Prof. Dr. Anja Bräuer group

Paper of Prof.Dr. Anja Bräuer and colleauges „Systematic expression analysis of plasticity-related genes in mouse brain development brings PRG4 into…


Fluorescence life time imaging (FLIM) webinar organized by UOL and PicoQuant

We are happy to invite you to a webinar, which we organize together with PicoQuant (Berlin) on Fluorescence life time imaging.


New booking system

We are launching a new booking system for the core facility microscopes. The new booking system will substitute current booking system on the…


FLIM system is finally istalled

We are happy to inform you that the installation of the FLIM part is finished and the microscope is ready for FLIM measurements and confocal.


Olympus FV3000 confocal microscope is installed

We are happy to announce that a new confocal microscope Olympus FV3000 is installed as a part of the light microscopy core facility in the building W3…


New course: Microscopical Imaging in Biomedical Sciences

We are happy to annouce an new microscopy course in winter semester 2021/2022 for Master students.




FRET imaging is available on the SP5

Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) imaging is available now for the fixed samples using acceptor photobleaching techniques.

For training,…


Online seminar on confocal microscopy on the 29th of April

As you probably heard that in the end of the year we are getting a new confocal /FLIM system in the service unit in the lab of Prof. Anja Bräuer.


New confocal/FLIM system

We are happy to announce that the grant application for the purchase of a new confocal/FLIM system is approved and in 2021 the facility will be…


Booking rules for SP8

Please check the booking rules before your reservation.



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