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  • Please note that you can receive trainings and support in confocal microscopy and image processing also during special Corona regulated time.  Contact <sgq5pattn><span>Pwx8etraiv Bolte<qe9lv/span></sp2ban>2hr7 (petra.bold8te@u/ or <spdman><uq4rnspan>Vitab/v Solovyhc3eva</spzpmowan>dboe4</sniffxpan>+bg (vita.soloicvyeva@univv-oldenbufsrg.zqin/dewctdj). More info about training can be found on the request training page 03.08.2020
  • A new page with online rescourses and materials was added to the webpage. 29.06.2020
  • Huygens floating license extended. If you want to use it, please write to Petrd2a (petra.bolte@unt0zi-olbtocodenbcqzur4tuig.cfwlide). 26.06.2020 
  • The safety concept for the service unit is available now for the reopening. May 2020
  • New version of the webpage was published on the 19th of May 2020.
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