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Job Hunting and Interview Skills for Natural Scientists - An Alternative Approach

Trainer: Rob Thompson

You probably spend at least a half of your waking time at work. It is really important that you get the right job. A job that uses your skills, working with people you connect with.

The workshop will teach you alternative methods to the usual and well-known ways of job hunting. Methods that will allow you to:

  • Access the hidden job market of unadvertised positions
  • Reliably find an institute or company and position within it that is right for you
  • Actively manage the progress of your search (rather than send your CV and hope for a positive response)
  • Give yourself the edge over others who use the more traditional methods of CV and covering letter
  • Become the “preferred candidate” or even have positions created specifically for you.
  • Gather the information needed to aid salary negotiations
  • Job hunt in a way that is interesting and not demoralising

Please note: DO NOT attend this workshop if you just want to learn how to create a CV and covering letter or fill in online applications.

The workshop will include practise interviews and a section on improving self-confidence to help you remain motivated.

Please register via StudIP

29.09.2015 09:00 – 30.09.2015 17:00

Universities guesthouse

Graduate School Oltech

(Stand: 22.07.2021)