The software works with the following hardware:

Positiong system:
PhysikInstrumente, Märzhäuser, Mechonics, SPI and Owis

Tilt table:

Ivium, Ivium with WE32 multiplexer, npi, Autolab, CHI, PalmSense, Jaissle, generic analog devices, home built potentiostat 

AD cards:
Plug In DAS PCI 1602/16, Plug In CIO DAS 1602_16

DA cards:
Plug In DDA4 and DDA8, Plug In CIO DAC 02_16

Regulated light source:

New drivers are added as the need appears.


SECMx is a controll programm for SECm instruments. It can operate with different hardware systems and allows to flexibly adapt setups to specific tasks while keeping the same software. The software can be easily expanded by adding new instrument drivers or programming new experiments.

The demo version allows you to see the experiments and the organisation. It can also "perform" experiments by simulating the behaviour of connected virtual devices. For a full version contact Gunther Wittstock


(Stand: 20.04.2022)